Surat Sultan Sulayman al Qanuni Kepada Raja Portugis

Sultan Sulayman al Qanuni.
Sultan Sulayman al Qanuni.

Surat Sultan Sulayman al Qanuni kepada Raja Portugis ini adalah untuk merespon tindakan armada Portugis di kawasan perairan Aceh dan Malaka yang mengganggu dan menganiaya para pedagang dan peziarah (haji). Kita bisa melihat bahwa isi surat ini menyiratkan betapa gagah dan kuatnya kepemimpinan Islam pada masa itu. Ia disegani dan berkuasa! Karena itulah, jika kita menginginkan agar umat kembali disegani dan berkuasa, maka tidak bisa tidak, kita harus mengembalikan kepemimpinan Islam, yakni Khilafah Islamiyah.

It has been reported that the Muslim pilgrims and merchants coming from India by sea have been molested and abused in direct violation of the desired peace agreement between us…if it is truly your desire to bring peace and security to those lands, then as soon as this Imperial Ferman arrives you must cease all of your attacks at sea against merchants and pilgrims, and you must send a letter and trusted envoy [to us] such that an agreement that will put the affairs of that region on a good footing can be conclude. If you are still on pursuing the path of rebellion, then wish the help of God Almighty we will do everything necessary to restore order to those lands, and it will no longer be of any use [for you to protest] by saying “but [we] wanted peace!” What else is there to say”

Letter of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificient to King of Portuguese in the mid XVI century.[1]


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